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Loose-leaf tea. Fresh brewed daily.

House-made syrup. Handcrafted purée.

No artificial flavoring. #NotThatPowderStuff

Bubble tea? Pearl Milk Tea? Boba Tea? What’s the correct way of calling the tea based drinks with tapioca balls inside? 🤔 Well, the answer is, ALL of them 🙌🏼 In Taiwan, they are all grouped under “hand shaken tea” category🤗
You see, tea was always drank hot 🍵 until early 1980s when a tea house owner in Taiwan 🇹🇼 wanted to promote teas to young people👦🏻👧🏻 (wider audience) and decided to make cold teas in a cocktail shaker with sugar and ice. Bubble actually refers to the fine bubble foam created from shaking😉 #BubbleTea
After the concept of drinking cold and sweetened teas was invented and popularized, the “fen yuan (tapioca balls) incident” happened. What incident? 🤷🏻‍♀️ The inventor, who worked at a teahouse at the time, added fen yuan (small tapioca balls) into an iced tea for fun while eating desserts and vióla! A new sensation was created. 🙌🏼 A lot of tea shops sprung up to serve this hand shaken tea drinks with tapioca balls inside. At the time, tapioca balls were small (0.5cm) and white, hence the nickname “pearls” and #PearlMilkTea🤗 
Since then, tapioca balls have been improved and evolved into different sizes and colors. The most well known/common tapioca ball form nowadays is the 1 cm black balls which was promoted as #Boba in a tea shop in Tainan in 1988. The name boba was used as a differentiation of the big tapioca balls. #BobaTea
We call it “Boba Tea” here at #Hanji🐧mostly because we serve the large size type of black tapioca balls ⚫️ and want to give tribute to the name. You can still call them “bubbles” or “pearls” and we’d understand fine 😃 Although we have to admit, this type of drinks is generally called Pearl Milk Tea in Taiwan now. 😝