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Snow Cream is a new frozen dessert to many in the western countries but is something that's been loved in the South Asia region for decades. Being Taiwanese it is something our founders grew up loving. After moving to SoFlo, they missed the delicious frozen treat and wanted friends here to try the goodie too. Hence, the birth of Hanji (formerly known as Sweet Tooth Shavery). With a whole year of experimenting, preparation, and taste testing, Hanji is ready to present the unique flavor and experience.

Here at Hanji, we make our Snow Cream blocks in house using natural and wholesome ingredients with fresh milk and love. No premixed powder, no artificial flavoring, just the real stuff. #MadeWithLove

Besides Snow Cream, we also serve Boba Tea. Boba Tea, aka bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a Taiwanese delicacy that has been trendy in the States. At Hanji, we use Grade A tapioca balls, fresh brewed loose-leaf teas imported from Taiwan, housemade syrups and sauces made from real fruits. #NotThatPowderStuff